About Me

As you can tell, I am a cat lady. I love cats very much, especially my own cat.

This blog originally started to analyze dreams and hints of personal past lives, but it gradually diverted to a more open direction. I now blog about anything personal: everyday rants and happenings, spiritual-related topics, poetry, basically whatever I want.

My spiritual beliefs are influenced by Paganism (especially Dianic Wicca), animism, Theravada Buddhism, and Unitarian Universalism. Just whatever beliefs and concepts I feel a connection with. I call myself an Eclectic Pagan since I recognize Goddesses, but I follow no specific Pagan tradition. My beliefs are flexible that I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious.

What I am physically:
I was born on April 16, 1993. To be even more in-depth, I have a sun in Aries, moon in Aquarius, and Virgo ascendant. As a Chinese American lesbian with very liberal beliefs, I do drive some people crazy. I am also a vegan and chronic food label reader (in other words, I am a health freak). I believe in hunting for survival. I'm mainly a vegan for health reasons and to boycott the poor treatment of animals in factory farms. However, I do not reject meat eating since it's natural.

Science is a prior interest in my life, primarily astronomy and geology. I'm open to science in general though. Currently, I'm in college majoring in earth and atmospheric sciences.

I enjoy writing, reading, practicing yoga, researching, and making artwork in my spare time. But most of all, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful girlfriend and cat. :)

My other footprints:

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"By the bank of a pond covered with reeds, an agitated woman gesticulates in front of another woman reclining on the grass who laughs at her."-Unknown

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