Sunday, October 9, 2011

Am I getting enough calories?

I've been eating the same thing almost everyday and trying to heal my skin.

Supplements I take: Sublingual B12 with B6 and folic acid, and vitamin E.
Beverages: Lots of water (constant bathroom unfortunately), occasional jasmine tea
Diet: Vegan

Morning: I exercise first before eating, so my digestive system can get ready. Then I eat a banana.
Breakfast: Take my B12. Avocado smeared on Italian bread with nutritional yeast and two tablespoons of ground flaxseed. Today I added dried seaweed. Yayy. Oh and ate a tangerine afterwards.
Lunch: Organic tomato sauce on Italian bread with nutritional yeast and ground flaxseed, and a large pear peeled. I would eat the skin if it looked "better" lmao.
Dinner: Boiled vegetables (broccoli, chickpeas, green peas, etc.) and rice. Whatever my mother ends up making. Fruit.
Hours before bed: Vitamin E with carrots. I should've gotten vitamin A to take with it, but the carrots would do.

Wow. It really does seem I eat little, but my body remains content. I have lots of energy and try to hydrate myself at home. Water does make me less hungry.

Current height: 5'2''
Weight: 96 lbs... err... I just weighed myself after eating around an hour ago. So.. I would be a few pounds less? Lol....

Woah. I was a little over 100 lbs when I ate lots of nuts (cashews and almonds) last month, but I stopped because I assumed it was the cause of my breakouts.

I don't think I'm getting enough protein. I don't eat much soy anymore or drink soymilk either. I forgot the last time I even drank soymilk. Mostly... it's vanilla flavored soymilk which my sister gets because she's trying to gain weight and says there's more calories. Sighs. If there was original or unsweetened soymilk, then I would probably continue drinking it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Describe your dream library.

So I'm having fun looking at these list of questions I reblogged in my Tumblr: Link. I also felt like writing something personal.

My dreammm library. It would be a bookshelf of old looking books--something similar to my college's science library. The forgotten books would have a history of their own. Their yellow pages and musky smell would emit a feeling of "home" and comfort. The bookshelves would be placed across a windowsill; a nice windowsill I can sit on and daze off looking at the sky when I'd take reading breaks. It would be espeically purrfect if it rained... and thundered softly while I would read. I would be in my own little world...

Excitement would beam on my face every time I would open a book up. Each text is special; some has meaning and mysteries to reveal. Things I can learn that enlighten me: science, philosophy, spiritual concepts... Knowledge... to know is so pleasant.