Friday, November 18, 2011

Lab was interesting for once

We had a lab about spectroscopy. It was colorful and pretty. I got excited when the acids turned red and then orange. I was anticipating the next colors to follow the spectrum of the rainbow, but they didn't. Oh well. It would've been cool.

I also got a 100 on my math quiz on a single optimization problem. Yay.

I'm physically tired out. Standing on the trains for an hour and a half, especially when there's no seats to sit and when I'm carrying my laptop. Very tiring. I didn't get to sit until it was near my stop.

Gaia and Sekhmet are reliable Goddesses to seek refuge. They help me cope with the extremities of life by offering nurturing comfort. Gaia usually comes up in my mind first though. Then Sekhmet gently kicks me back up.

I don't have plans for winter solstice yet. I was about to participate in the Yule card/gift exchange events Adrenia reblogged in I Heart Paganism, but I decided not to do it. I don't think I would have any time to put my creativity on paper. I have assignments and an upcoming math exam to study for. Sighs.