Saturday, September 3, 2011


It's a lot better than high school so far. Even though there's a lot of work and studying to do, it's worth it for the mature environment.

I have three classes: calculus, chemistry with lab, and my science writing class.

Calculus... my professor teaches a lot of material in one day and gives a lot of homework. Even though she said she doesn't always check it, I'm being responsible for it. I'm still going to do it because I want to keep up with what I'm learning... and not fail. All I know is it's probably the hardest math course, and I'm still frightened by it. I wished I could have my brother's math skills... or have a better experience with math when I was younger. Then maybe math would be less frustrating to me. But I'm trying to find some kind of way to like it... so far we got up to learning about limits. I like the graphing part.. even though I don't exactly know yet how to draw the lines correctly... I need to study that.

Chemistry. I actually... like that textbook. It's readable and clear to understand. I just wished my professor showed more and talked less. Lab yesterday was okay too. My lab partner screwed us up in the first part because he thought the black substance was aluminum... I knew it wasn't. It's common sense to tell that silver metallic substance was aluminum. Not that blackish plastic-like substance which was actually "tecaform." I probably spelled that wrong. But he heard incorrectly from our instructor, so it's okay.

We're reading The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin for my science writing class. How awesome is that? I'm still disappointed that the library was closed when it clearly stated that it was opened on the website. So misleading. I guess I have to resolve to iGoogle Books for now.

Okay. I'll stop blabbering about college stuff. I just have a lot to do this weekend. I'm going to try and finish those three or four math assignments and read that damn math textbook. Then I need to finish fifteen problems for my chemistry homework, read the chemistry textbook, and then start reading the evolution book. But can I do all of this today and tomorrow? Guess I'll have to find out.